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Ein schönes Zuhause mit Dekorationen schaffen - Esszett Luxury

Creating a beautiful home with decorations

When it comes to designing a room, the right choice of decorations can make the difference between an average room and an exceptional one. Designer decorations are an essential part of creating a welcoming atmosphere and can help bring a room to life. We offer you a wide selection of stylish and high-quality decorative products in our online shop and in our Berlin showroom,

Wall decoration is always the first option

One of the first ways to spruce up a room is to use wall decorations. At Esszett you will find a range of wall decorations, ranging from stylish wall clocks to modern wall shelves . Esszett wall clocks are available in various sizes and designs, from classic retro-look wall clocks to modern, minimalist designs. The wall shelves are also a great way to create additional storage space while adding an interesting design touch. There are shelves in different sizes and shapes, made of wood or metal, suitable for every room and style.

Table decorations further support the facility

Another important area for designer decorations is the area of ​​table decorations . We offer a wide range of table decorations, including elegant candlesticks , table lamps and vases . Candlesticks are a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while table lamps are both functional and stylish. The vases come in a variety of sizes and designs and are a great way to bring flowers and plants into the room.

Textiles complete the room

Finally, textiles also offer a great way to enhance a room and create a cozy atmosphere. Esszett offers a wide range of textiles, including cushions, blankets and carpets . The cushions come in a variety of sizes and colors, providing an easy way to add color and pattern to the room. The blankets are soft and cozy and are perfect for snuggling up on cool evenings. Esszett rugs are also available in a variety of sizes and designs and offer an easy way to enhance the floor and structure the room.

Overall, our designer decorations offer a wide range of stylish and high quality products that can help enhance a room and give it a welcoming atmosphere. From wall decorations to table decorations and textiles, there are a variety of options to suit every room and style. If you are looking for designer decorations, Esszett is a great source to find high quality and stylish products.

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