Artificial plants like real ones

Do you value exclusivity and an aesthetic ambience? Our realistic Artificial plants enrich your living environment with stylish details and set unique accents. The careful, delicate workmanship realistically imitates real plants - with the difference that high-quality artificial plants do not wither, do not lose leaves and maintain their beauty in any environment. Read more "

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Artificial plants for all interior styles

With our artificial plants that look like real ones , you can give your living spaces the style you want. Whether a pretty, high-quality flower on the table as an eye-catcher or a minimalist branch in a bowl - our plants suit your preferences.

Large palm trees and ferns transform your living room into a tropical oasis. Smaller arrangements, such as thistle and artichoke branches, add a special touch to your home, as such plants are not usually found in the home. For a country style, it's best to use white reeds or light pink laburnums. They are delicate and create a cozy, harmonious ambience.

At Esszett you will not only find realistic-looking artificial plants, but also matching vases and bowls in many different styles. The designs range from traditional to modern to very unusual ones. They emphasize your style and are sure to attract the attention of your guests.

Kunstpflanzen wie echt? Bei gibt es eine große Auswahl an schönen Kunstpflanzen

Artificial houseplants that stay beautiful for a long time

Our artificial plants are made from high-quality materials, look real and last a long time. They are available in a variety of colors and other than the occasional dusting, they require little care to stay looking good for a long time. Showcase them with the right lighting and combine them with a unique sculpture . The possibilities are endless - let your creativity run wild.

Artificial plants or artificial branches - what goes where?

The decision between artificial branches and artificial plants depends primarily on your personal taste and the style of your interior. Artificial branches offer a simple, elegant way to incorporate natural elements into your spaces. They are ideal for setting minimalist accents or enhancing table decorations.

Artificial plants, on the other hand, can add more abundance and greenery to your surroundings and are ideal for livening up empty corners or serving as a focal point in a room. Both options look deceptively real and require little care. Think about which look suits your home better: Do you want subtle natural accents or a more lush, green atmosphere? This makes it easy to decide whether artificial branches or artificial plants are a better addition to your interior.

Artificial branches for special occasions

Hochwertige Kunstpflanzen groß bei entdecken und bestellen

For anyone who wants to enhance their rooms or festive occasions with a natural touch, our artificial branches with hanging greenery are an ideal choice. In particular, the artificial plant "hanging grass" and the artificial plant "green hanging grasshopper with berries" look deceptively real and offer wonderful decoration options. They are perfect for decorating wedding arches or arches at weddings or other celebrations. At home, the artificial branches add a lively and fresh atmosphere to darker places where real plants could hardly survive. They are characterized by their realistic appearance and durability .

Artificial and yet natural – for a unique home

Let your imagination run wild and design your living spaces to reflect who you are. Whether with flowers and leaves that radiate joy of life, or with exotic species for a special atmosphere - with these high-quality plants you can design your living space according to your ideas.

Low maintenance thanks to artificial plants

The best thing about our artificial plants: They are easy to care for and always remain beautiful. This way you can enjoy your home without having to do a lot of work. And if you feel like changing, you can also think about new wall colors that go well with your artificial plants.

Buy artificial plants and branches online

Take a look around our online shop and discover the variety and beauty of our easy-care artificial plants and branches ! With us you will find a carefully selected collection of high-quality, realistic-looking decorative elements that give every room that certain something.

Whether you are looking for a specific design, prefer a specific type of plant or simply need inspiration for your interior, our online shop is the perfect place to find it. Make yourself comfortable, browse through our selection and find the artificial plants that exactly suit your style and ideas. Be inspired by the quality and variety and transform your home into a green oasis of peace.

Frequently asked questions about Artificial plants

OurArtificial plants are UV-resistant. We attach great importance to the quality of our products and use special materials and coatings to ensure that our artificial plants retain their color and appearance even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. You can safely use our artificial plants indoors and outdoors, be it on terraces, balconies or in gardens, as they can withstand the harmful effects of UV radiation. Enjoy the beauty and naturalness of our artificial plants without having to worry about fading or damage. Give your home, office or outdoor area a lasting green and vibrant atmosphere with our UV-resistant artificial plants.

Artificial plants can be a sustainable alternative to real plants, however, sustainability depends on various factors. Compared to living plants, artificial plants require no irrigation, fertilizer and maintenance, allowing for water and resource savings. They also have a longer lifespan, so they don't need to be replaced regularly.

However, the production of artificial plants is associated with certain environmental impacts. The materials used, such as plastics and metals, require energy and resources during production.

Around theSustainability of artificial plantsTo promote this, we rely on high-quality products that have a long service life. Overall, artificial plants offer the option of enjoying the beauty of plants without the resource consumption of real plants.

Through conscious consumption and choosing sustainable and long-lasting products, you can help minimize the environmental impact of artificial plants.

Artificial plants are generally not designed for extreme weather conditions or direct weather influences. Most artificial plants are designed for indoor use and should be protected from strong sunlight, rain or snow to maintain their quality and appearance.

AroundCleaning artificial plants, first remove the surface dust with a soft cloth or brush. Prepare a mild soap solution and gently wipe the leaves and branches of the artificial plant. Be careful not to use the cleaning solution too concentrated. Allow the artificial plant to air dry before putting it back in its place. Check the manufacturer's instructions as not all artificial plants are waterproof. Clean artificial plants every few months to keep them in good condition.

Artificial plants are made from various materials such as plastics, textiles or silk fabrics. The manufacturing process includes the selection of materials, shaping of the plant parts, production of the leaves and flowers, assembly and finishing. The individual parts of the plant are connected together to form the complete artificial plant. The exact production varies depending on the manufacturer and type of artificial plant.Modern artificial plants are becoming more and more realisticand increasingly resemble real plants.

Artificial plants are currently very popular and trendy. They are becoming increasingly popular as decorative elements in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and other interiors. Thanks to their natural look and easy-care properties, they offer a practical alternative to real plants. Artificial plants are available in different designs, sizes and styles to suit different tastes and design preferences. They allow people to beautify their spaces with green elements without having to worry about the care or specific needs of living plants. The use of artificial plants is a fashionable and practical solution to create a natural atmosphere and follow current design trends.

TheDurability of artificial plantsdepends on quality, care and use. High-quality artificial plants can last for several years, while cheaper models may need to be replaced more quickly. Regular cleaning and protection from sunlight and extreme temperatures are important to extend their lifespan. Use outdoors or in high traffic areas may affect durability. Overall, with proper care and protection, artificial plants can maintain their beauty for a long time.

Artificial plants are generally not placed in potting soil because they do not require nutrients. In order to place artificial plants stably, they can be placed in plaster be embedded with gravel or grit can be mixed. Alternatively can also be used for small pots plug-in compound be used. Additionally can marble gravel or similar material can be applied as a decorative layer to round off the overall look.

The choice of best artificial plants depends on personal preference, desired style and intended use. However, here are some popular and high-quality options:

  • Palm trees:Artificial palm trees, bring a touch of exoticism and holiday mood into interiors. They are popular for their long, feathery leaves and tropical appeal.
  • artificial plant -Greenalcasie, is characterized by dark green, glossy leaves and brings a touch of green to any room.
  • Art branch:Eucalyptus black golden: A real eye-catcher, something special for your high-quality and exclusive furnishings thanks to its black and gold finish

There are many other artificial plants to choose from, from flowering plants like orchids to succulents or grasses. Ultimately, the best artificial plants are the ones that best suit your personal taste and the needs of your space.

Around Artificial plants to shine bring to:

  1. Remove surface dust from the leaves.
  2. Use a solution of mild detergent or vinegar and gently wipe the leaves.
  3. Allow the artificial plant to air dry or use a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.
  4. Optional:Use Leaf shine sprays for extra shine. Be sure to be careful and follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damage.

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