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Moss walls and plant walls - the green splendor

Many people love natural greenery in their own four walls, but shy away from the effort involved in caring for plants. Do you feel the same? Then take a look at the moss walls and plant walls here at Esszett. The innovative wall design with plants and mosses brings natural color into your rooms without any stress.

Green oases

Individual interior furnishings made from natural materials.

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The wall greening from Eszett

You really don't have to lift a finger to maintain the exquisite wall greenery . The principle of a moss or plant wall is very simple. The plants were preserved using a clever method. These are not imitations, but real plants. However, these no longer grow and require no light, no nutrients and no water. Speaking of water: A plant wall should remain as dry as possible and should not be sprayed with water or other liquids.

  • Iceland moss

    Real moss as a wall or ceiling design. Available in many colors.

  • Ball moss

    Real ball moss as an eye-catcher. And the best thing about it: no maintenance is necessary!

  • Jungle

    Bring a jungle into your home or office. Absolutely maintenance free!

Healthier indoor climate without any maintenance effort.

Thanks to special preservation, the plants do not require any light, care or watering. So save yourself the effort of caring for conventional plants and give your rooms a green coat of paint with 100% real mosses and plants.

The green wall of Eszett

  • Wall greening with Iceland moss, ball moss or jungle plants

    Choose your personal favorite now from reindeer moss, ball moss and jungle plants . Combinations are also possible. In any case, you decide on an exciting upgrade of the room, whether it is the home office, the living room or another room in the house. A plant wall stands out noticeably from conventional types ofwall design and acts as a natural eye-catcher.

  • Long-lasting wall design with plants or mosses

    It's astonishing, but it's actually true: attractive green walls with plants or mosses can last for decades. In order not to jeopardize this extraordinarily long shelf life, you should not position the wall greenery in the immediate vicinity of radiators. If possible, avoid direct exposure to UV light.

  • Wall greening without allergens and pest infestation

    Another plus point: the preserved plants or mosses do not contain any allergenic substances. As an allergy sufferer, you can have no worries. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about pest infestation. The green wall does not contain any usable food. As a result, it is completely uninteresting for insects or other uninvited guests in your premises.


Our experts will find the optimal solution for your individual requirements


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Support in the realization of the structure

You can't just buy your expressive moss or plant wall from Esszett. Our dedicated team will support you with individual planning, also in combination with other elements of your facility. You can then order the finished wall for self-assembly or you can commission Esszett to professionally install it.

Arrange a consultation for wall design with plants now!

Seize the opportunity now and bring an innovative type of green aesthetic into your own home with ball moss, Icelandic moss or jungle plants .

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    Once the offer has been confirmed, our professionals will beautify your walls.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, these are actually 100% real plants, harvested by hand in a sustainable way.

Yes, only natural minerals and salts are used to preserve the moss.

No. Through the existing stomata of the plants, moisture can continue to be absorbed through biological processes (osmosis) and released back into the room air. However, it does not purify the air in the room.

No, after harvesting the moss is preserved through preservation and is therefore no longer a living organism.

No, please do not spray the moss with water as this may reduce its durability.

Preservation ensures that the moss remains in its condition. No care or watering is required.

No. The moss does not provide a breeding ground for pests and therefore cannot be attacked by them.

Thanks to the preservation, the moss lasts for decades. Direct UV radiation or installation near radiators can reduce durability.


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