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OZONOS Aircleaner - der Luftreiniger für jedes Zuhause

Lässt ungesunder und schlecht riechender Luft keine Chance! – Der Ozonos Aircleaner

Healthy air in every room

OZONOS works with a patented method that takes advantage of the properties of naturally generated ozone - for fresh and clean air at home and at work.
Without filters, without chemicals. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, inspired by nature and absolutely harmless to humans and animals.
The problem solver for everyday life: position it as high up as possible, activate it using the remote control or the push button on the device - and odors and pathogens no longer stand a chance! No more thick air,
No more unsightly extractor hoods, no more allergy problems, no more high risk of infection indoors

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How it works

OZONOS works with ozone - and in a completely new way. Because of the consistently low ozone levels in the room, it is the first ozone air purifier for home use. For this he received TÜV certification and household appliance approval for the first time.

A UV-C light inside takes on the role of the sun in nature, creating the so-called active oxygen O₃. The third oxygen makes it extremely reactive, combining with odor molecules and pathogens in the air and rendering them harmless.
If the room is completely cleaned, that is, if the ozone no longer finds a reactant, it automatically breaks down into pure oxygen after a short time. So simple, so innovative.

In the video, the popular television chef Mike Süsser explains exactly how Ozonos can help you in everyday life.

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Areas of application

The Ozonos Aircleaner is versatile. Whether at home in the kitchen after cooking to eliminate unpleasant smells or in the doctor's office to remove pathogens. The mobile fresh air miracle adapts perfectly to your requirements!

Kitchen, bathroom and living area

Hotel industry & gastronomy

Medical sector

Sleeping & allergy sufferers

Sports & Freetime

Schools & kindergartens

questions and answers

OZONOS differs significantly from so-called ozone generators. Ozone generators use very high voltages to produce ozone and/or ionized air using electrical discharges (corona discharges). The latter are also called ionizers in the trade. The disadvantage: Corona discharges produce toxic nitrogen oxides (NOX) in normal indoor air - the main pollutant in summer smog and absolutely undesirable in indoor air. In addition, the amount of ozone produced is usually more than 1,000 mg/h, much higher than, for example, with OZONOS with 2.5 mg/h (model OZONOS AC-I). The use of conventional ozone generators is only possible in a very controlled manner; staying in the same room during cleaning is strongly discouraged. In contrast, OZONOS is proven to be absolutely harmless to humans and animals and does not produce any harmful by-products. For this he received TÜV certification and household appliance approval. OZONOS Aircleaner is produced exclusively in Austria in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and is subject to strict controls. So it cannot be equated with ozone generators that are harmful to health.

Although ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent, it has a short lifespan. Ozone in natural concentrations has no negative effect on our health.

The use of the OZONOS Aircleaner is particularly useful if you have pollen or house dust allergies. Here the allergens, which are the cause and trigger of allergic reactions, are eliminated.

Yes! This has even been scientifically proven. That's why it is already used in numerous doctor's practices, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, shops and public buildings. You can find more information about this in the Application section.

The distinctive odor associated with ozone can be smelled right after a thunderstorm or near photocopiers, printers or electric motors, as these all generate ozone. It is also often associated with the smell of freshly washed bed linen. The concentration depends on the sensitivity of the person concerned. On average you can smell it from 0.003 – 0.015 ppm. Ozone odor becomes unpleasant at 1.0 ppm, far earlier than a toxic level is reached.

The OZONOS has an air flow of 55 m3 per hour. The OZONOS can be used in rooms of up to 50 m2 (at normal room height). The more central and higher the positioning, the more effectively the OZONOS can work.

The UV-C lamp usually lasts around 8,000 hours. Then its effectiveness decreases and it should be replaced. With an average use of 8 hours a day, this is at the earliest 3 years after purchase. The changing lights are available in our shop. We generally recommend having the replacement carried out by a specialist. However, it is very easy for a skilled person to replace the UV-C lamp themselves. Please note the instructions in the operating instructions.

The way it works is as simple as it is ingenious - after all, it occurs constantly in nature: solar radiation creates O3, i.e. active oxygen with three atoms, which is also known as ozone. An OZONOS UV-C lamp fulfills this task indoors. The term active oxygen is no coincidence, as it is extremely reactive and happy. It not only combines with pathogens present in the air, but also with odor molecules - and renders them harmless.

As soon as the active oxygen no longer finds any molecules to react to, the room air is completely purified. However, the excess ozone, i.e. O3, is not a problem because it breaks down very quickly into pure oxygen. Does that sound too good to be true? It's best to try out for yourself how this air purifier works against dust and relieves you of allergies - you'll be amazed.

Basically yes, it is not for nothing that people warn about harmful ozone concentrations in the air, especially in the hot summer months. That's why it's so important that OZONOS only releases a comparatively small amount of active oxygen. For comparison: Conventional ozone generators produce an average of 1,000 milligrams per hour, while the OZONOS AC-I model only produces 2.5 milligrams per hour. The relatively short decay time also ensures rapid degradation.

TÜV tested safety

CE certified

100% Made in Austria

Fresh, clean air indoors is essential for our well-being and of course our health. Often enough, dust and pathogens are floating around or bothering us with unpleasant smells. But everyday life doesn't make it easy to get a safe and reliable supply of fresh air at home or at work. Unless you use an air purifier that also deserves the name: OZONOS.

Patented development - natural operating principles

Aircleaner is not just Aircleaner. As soon as filters or chemicals are used, air purification not only becomes complicated, but in many cases also polluting and unreliable. This is exactly where OZONOS comes in: This method is based on the special properties that naturally produced OZONE brings with it. It is derived from natural processes, which makes it completely harmless to humans and animals. At the same time, there are numerous possible uses that make the OZONOS air purifier useful in a wide variety of situations.

To do this, position the air cleaner in a high location and simply activate it using the device button or remote control. You will quickly notice that the annoying smells disappear. Even some pathogens and allergens are thoroughly eliminated. They reduce the risk of infection and the danger of an allergic reaction as well as thick air. And the best thing about this innovation: On the one hand, you can use the OZONOS air purifiers on a special tripod for OZONOS , but on the other hand you can also prefer OZONOS lamps or OZONOS ceiling lights with air purifiers - the choice is yours!

Innovative OZONOS technology - certified by TÜV

You have probably already heard about the air-purifying effect of ozone or experienced it yourself, for example after a thunderstorm. So far, ozone generators have been used for targeted air purification, which provoke an electrical discharge under high voltage and thus release ozone. To get straight to the point: OZONOS has nothing to do with this - and for a good reason. Such discharges also release nitrogen oxides, which are generally toxic and classified as pollutants. These have no place in rooms. In addition, such discharges release a lot of ozone, so these ozone generators can only be used under control. You should definitely leave the room in question during such air purification.

It was all the more important to the developers of OZONOS that not only less ozone was produced, but also that no other by-products that were harmful to health were produced. The fact that this has been achieved is shown by the certification by TÜV and the approval of OZONOS products as household appliances. They are only manufactured in Austria, so you can rely on strict controls. The production process is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 - further confirmation of the high quality that you can rightly expect.

Allergies, disease transmission and bad smells - OZONOS works!

Whether you use an OZONOS lamp or position the devices on a tripod - the effect will convince you: On the one hand, air purification eliminates both pollen and house dust mites, which are the strongest allergy triggers. On the other hand, even pathogens such as coronaviruses have no chance (see test report from HygCen Germany GmbH with evidence of a reduction in viral load by approx. 90% in 24 hours - ). It is not for nothing that a wide variety of public facilities such as doctors' offices, kindergartens or shops, restaurants and hotels as well as other heavily frequented buildings already use OZONOS technology - it's best to see for yourself the enormous effect!

High-quality OZONOS lights - long-lasting effect

You can expect the UV-C lights to last an average of 8,000 hours. This means: If you use it for around eight hours a day, you will have to plan on buying a replacement UV-C light in three years. Of course, we have the replacement lights ready for you. The replacement is not complicated; you will receive detailed operating instructions. However, if you are unsure, consult a professional to be on the safe side.

Essett range - OZONOS should not be missing!

You may be wondering why, as interior design specialists, we have these air cleaners in our range. After all, we are known for wanting to transform our customers' homes into something special. You should feel good all around - and healthy air is of course part of it. Our credo: If you can breathe freely and enjoy fresh air, you will regenerate much more quickly from stressful everyday life. If you are also sensitive to pollen or house dust mites, such an air purifier can at least keep the allergy at bay in your own four walls.

And hand on heart: Modern living spaces are usually open-plan, so that the inevitable smells from cooking, frying and baking can spread effortlessly and nestle in the furniture. So far, even the best air purifiers have only been able to partially prevent this. Now you have an effective chance to conjure up culinary highlights undisturbed and still enjoy fresh air in your rooms. Doesn't that sound good?

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