Individual wall design for feel-good rooms with elegance and style

Your home is your very own personal retreat, but also a meeting place for friends and family. To ensure that you feel completely comfortable in your private environment, the wall design plays an important visual role in addition to the furnishings. At Esszett you will find fascinating products for modern wall design . We invite you to browse our shop! You are also welcome to visit our showroom in Berlin, we will show you exciting options for exclusive wall design .  Read more "
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Ideas for a creative, unusual wall design in the living room

You chose your furniture with a lot of love. Now the living room or bedroom is finished, but you notice: Everything looks good, only that “certain something” is still missing. You don't need to look long, because we have an extensive and varied range waiting for you. If you choose one creative wall design If you are interested, you can find everything at Esszett from wall paint to wall pictures, wall clocks, 3D walls and more plant walls. Take a little time and look around! We introduce you to our exclusive products that will look great in your living room Wall design suitable!

The right wall color as a prelude to a successful ambience

For a long time, white walls were the absolute favorite. White is never wrong as a neutral wall color. Nevertheless, a single, colorfully painted wall can add a great accent. High-quality, hard-wearing latex paint is particularly useful in rooms that are subject to heavy wear, such as hallways. Our Premium wall paint from PTMD scores with high quality and an interesting selection of colors. The matte finish has a calming effect and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Murals made of wood or glass

For a modern,extraordinary wall design in the living room Wall pictures are ideal. At Esszett you will discover something that suits your furnishing style Glass murals that exude a touch of luxury. Tempered glass and exclusive designs give the images a strong appearance. The different motifs can effectively support the ambience. There is also an eye-catcher Wooden mural well displayed - wood has a natural look, creative designs emphasize the elegant effect. The selection is wide-ranging; you can find wooden pictures with a natural look or with abstract designs.

Whether for the living room, the bedroom or the hallway, we offer you two current collections of wall pictures made of glass or wood that leave nothing to be desired. By the way: Your home office or business premises also benefit from one elegant wall design. If you wish, you can complement one of our wall pictures with a chic wall clock or one stylish wall clock stage as soloists on the wall.

Unique wall designs with an aesthetic appeal

Your living style is modern, one extraordinary wall design for the living room or other rooms are important to you? Then we have other attractive variants for you. How about one, for example? 3D wall? Refined designs with a three-dimensional effect are an extraordinary eye-catcher. In your Living room is the wall design together with a modern interior, a fascinating ensemble. One is made from lightweight plastics with a long shelf life Wall design, which is second to none. The sculptural effect of the three-dimensional look also creates special lighting effects - for rooms that are representative and homely at the same time!

Another alternative that we offer you is ours Plant walls. Bring nature into your home - even without a green thumb, you can achieve an extraordinary effect with a moss or plant wall. The processed moss and plants are preserved plants that are completely maintenance-free. The green oasis becomes a reality without any problem if you choose an attractive plant wall.

Modern wall design for people who love something special

The optimal one Wall design in the living room or in other rooms is exactly the extra that makes your home one luxurious retreat might. At Esszett you will find creative objects that add interesting accents to the walls. This can be a single wall picture, but also a combination of several pictures creates a luxurious atmosphere in a spacious ambience. Additional options are available to you with 3D walls or plant walls. We at Esszett always pay attention to uniqueness and the best quality. With us you will find exclusive furniture and original decorative objects Wall design above to shine up to the textile equipment. Let yourself be inspired, discover with us exactly the wall pictures that emphasize your interior and fit your lifestyle!

Frequently asked questions about Individual wall design

Latex paint is particularly durable, water-repellent and washable. It is ideal for rooms that are frequently exposed to moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms. Due to its robustness, it is also often used in high-traffic areas such as hallways or children's rooms. Their elastic properties also make them resistant to minor tears and wear.

Our glass pictures are made of tempered glass. This is much more resistant than normal glass. However, it is not safety glass, so please handle the product carefully and carefully.

If tempered glass does break, it breaks into small, blunt fragments that pose less risk of injury.

Wooden paintings require special care to maintain their beauty and durability. It is recommended to protect them from direct sunlight and moisture.

Basically yes, but you should take the room conditions into account. Avoid rooms with high humidity or large temperature fluctuations, as this can affect the wood. Bathrooms are usually not a good choice for wood pictures.

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