Moss pictures: exclusive wall decorations made from real moss

Moss picturesare unique art elements. As attractive eye-catchers, they fit harmoniously into any room. In addition, they ensure a pleasant climate and can even have a sound-absorbing effect. In the Esszett online shop you will find hand-picked onesMoss picturesin different sizes and designs. Take a look and find your personal favorite!Read more "

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At home or in the office: Stylish wall greening with moss pictures made from real moss

Do you maintain a natural lifestyle, love it real and lively? With artistic pictures made from moss you can bring a piece of nature into your four walls! The fascinating plant pictures create atmosphere and rival even the most beautiful paintings. Their green tones appear fresh and calming at the same time. They relax the eyes and provide a positive basic feeling.

Designers and interior designers have long since recognized the magic of moss pictures . The greening of interior spaces is becoming increasingly important and can be designed very individually. Please also take a look at our floor lamps and ceiling lights, because with the right light your moss will show off even better!

Living or preserved moss wall?

Living plants need water and care. In the case of murals, this would require special effort. Preserved moss, on the other hand, is long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. We therefore deliberately chose this variant for our range, because preserved moss does not differ from living moss in terms of appearance and feel. You will be amazed by the effect!

Of course, you will also receive the usual quality from Esszett in this case: Our moss pictures are made from 100% real, sustainable moss. It is harvested by hand and carefully preserved using a special technique. After the purchase, you have no follow-up costs and can enjoy the natural decorative elements without any worries. The moss pictures can be combined with real houseplants as well as with our high-quality artificial plants. We also offer greening of entire moss walls . You can find more information about individual moss walls here .

Green plant images for a healthier indoor climate directly from nature

Plant images naturally regulate the humidity and thus improve the indoor climate. This in turn helps you feel good, concentrate better and relax better. A good indoor climate promotes creativity and simply puts you in a good mood.

The moss pictures from the Esszett online shop are free of harmful substances. They remain untouched by pests and do not make any dirt - on the contrary: thanks to the fine surface of the leaves, mosses can even absorb fine dust from the air. When you look at the delicate green works of art, you feel so transported to nature that you automatically breathe deeper.

Moss on the walls improves the acoustics

By the way, you can achieve another positive effect with a mural made of moss: the microstructures of the plants absorb sound, especially in the frequency spectrum of human speech. Sound reflection is reduced and room acoustics improve. So it's no wonder that moss pictures are even used as acoustic pictures in combination with appropriate carrier materials.

At Esszett we focus primarily on stylish looks. We still appreciate the small but subtle difference that our moss pictures make acoustically. It contributes to the unique attitude to life that we want to convey to you through high-quality home furnishings and exclusive accessories.

Green Oasis: Moss pictures in an exquisite wooden frame with flat and ball moss

In our range you will find moss pictures in different sizes and designs - from DIN A4 format to impressive wall pictures in XL. You can choose between bright green Iceland moss (also called reindeer moss because of the shape of its leaves) and artistic arrangements made from flat moss and ball moss.

The pictures are framed in an exquisite wooden frame in Scandinavian design. With its simple, clear shape, it beautifully highlights the natural beauty of the moss plants and blends harmoniously into the surroundings. Our plant pictures live up to the product name “Green Oasis” because they will look like a green oasis in your living space.

Every mural is unique

Do you value uniqueness? Mother Nature is an artist full of imagination and creativity! No two plants are exactly alike and so each of our moss pictures is unique. The more time you take to look at the moss, the more details you will discover in the delicate shapes and structures. In your living area, such a decorative element becomes the famous “icing on the cake”.

Embrace our motto “Luxury, Lifestyle & more” and order your natural moss mural today! You can look forward to fast delivery and excellent service, because that's what we at Esszett stand for with our good name.

Frequently asked questions about Moss pictures

Yes, that's exactly how it is - we only use 100% authentic plants that are carefully harvested by hand in a sustainable way and then preserved.

Even if the moss may seem dry at first glance, we advise against spraying it with water. This action could affect durability. The moss regulates itself naturally by the humidity in its surroundings - a fascinating natural phenomenon!

No worries necessary, as our moss does not provide a breeding ground for vermin, it remains untouched by pests.

Thanks to careful conservation, the moss will last for decades. However, direct UV radiation or placement near radiators may affect durability.

We recommend keeping the following care instructions in mind:

1. No watering required:
Our moss frames feature preserved moss that maintains its natural beauty and freshness without the need for watering. You don't have to worry about watering. The moss remains permanently in its natural state and requires no additional care.

2. Protect from heat:
To ensure the longevity and quality of the moss picture, we recommend not placing it over a heater. Direct and dry heat from radiators can cause the moss to dry out and lose its freshness. Choose a location protected from excessive heat to keep the moss in its best condition.

3. Cleaning the frame:
Cleaning the frame of our moss pictures only requires a dry cloth. Gently wipe the surface to remove any dust or light dirt. Avoid using water or detergents to prevent possible damage to the wood. With minimal effort, the frame remains well-maintained, and your impressive moss picture permanently attracts attention.

With these simple care instructions you can preserve the beauty of your moss frame and enjoy it for a long time. Enjoy the wonderful view of nature!

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