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Unsere Feuerstellen für Dein zu Hause - Esszett Luxury

Our fire pits for your home

Who doesn't love it? A flickering fire, the glow of flames in the night. The love of the bright light of fire is deeply rooted in our nature.

Whether in the summer on the terrace at home or in the winter living room with the fire pits and table fireplaces from Esszett Luxury, you and your guests always have a cozy ambience ready.

But what are table fireplaces and how do they differ from table torches and fire baskets? You can find the answers to these questions and the right fireplace for your own home here on this page.

All relevant information about table fireplaces at a glance

What is a table fireplace?

Blazing flames of cosiness and a gentle crackling sound. With a table fireplace, this dream can be easily realized. This is a small, portable fire pit. A fire, almost real, which creates a wonderful ambience in your own four walls.

However, no wood or the like is burned here. Instead, table fireplaces relied on lamp oil. This creates safe flames that leave little soot and other residues during combustion. The fire burns without leaving any residue in a small, screened area.

What are the advantages of table fireplaces?

  • Tabletop fireplaces are a great addition to your home by appealing to our instinctive joy of fire and thus providing the corresponding feel-good factor.
  • Compared to installing a permanent fireplace, tabletop fireplaces are inexpensive.
  • The (almost) complete burning of lamp oil or ethanol does not produce any unpleasant odors, fumes or similar contaminants in a table fireplace.
  • Setting up and operating a table fireplace is usually easy.
  • Whether in the Christmas room or on the summer balcony with a table fireplace you can enjoy it all year round and can use it in a variety of ways.

How does a table fireplace work?

Most table fireplaces work with a liquid fuel such as lamp oil, ethanol or bio-ethanol. This fuel is poured into a container, in this case the table fireplace, similar to an oil lamp. To start the fire, there are either open spots or wicks that reach into this fuel and are ignited.

The wicks constantly draw in new fuel from the vessel in the belly of the table fireplace, creating a steady flame that burns evenly.

Table fireplaces at Esszett Luxury

At Esszett Luxury we have a selection of three great table fireplaces ready for you. The table fireplaces differ in appearance, size and purchase costs.

With dimensions of 20 cm in diameter and 13 cm in height, the table fireplace Burn from Philippi fits on any table and immerses the room in a unique ambience. As soon as it gets dark, the slight flickering of the lights brings coziness into the room. Natural materials such as glass, steel and river stones blend seamlessly into the room with their round aesthetics.

Table fireplace Burn

The Philippi table fireplace Fireplace has corners and edges. It fits best on a square table. With its dimensions of 23 cm by 23 cm and a height of 10 cm, it recreates a classic fireplace on a small scale. It not only brings cosiness into your own home, but is also the ideal gift for life.

Table fireplace Fireplace

The Fire table fireplace from Philippi offers that certain extra. Due to its unique design, the fire appears to be floating in the air. The hand-blown glass with great workmanship and the yet handy size of 23 cm by 23 cm with a height of 14 cm make this table fireplace truly unique.

Table fireplace Fire

What is a table torch?

A table torch is a special form of table fireplace. Table torches each only have a flame of a limited size, as is also the case with corresponding torches from the garden. In comparison, tabletop fireplaces can contain multiple burning wicks or larger fires.

The table torches can be set up on a table like a table fireplace, both outside and inside, and immerse the home or garden in a gentle, cozy atmosphere.

Table torches at Esszett Luxury

While normal torches are already available in many gardens, the table torches from Esszett Luxury remain a real eye-catcher for you and your guests. With a table torch you give yourself and others lasting joy.

The Tarcia table torch from Philippi is the ideal introduction to the world of mobile fire pits for your own home. With a friendly price of €29.90 and practical dimensions of 9 cm by 9 cm and a height of 13 cm, you can make it out of stainless steel Use existing and nickel-plated table torches indoors and outdoors.

Tarcia table torch

What is a fire basket?

A fire basket is an open fire pit for the garden. In comparison to table fireplaces and table torches, it does not burn ethanol or lamp oil, but rather classic logs. This makes it essential to ensure free exhaust, as wood certainly produces soot and leaves behind residual products when burned.

Due to its sheer size, a fire basket can also cause a stir in larger gardens. In combination with creative and unique motifs, the fire basket is one of the most important accessories in your own garden.

Fire baskets at Esszett Luxury

With the fire baskets from Esszett Luxury your next garden party will be a sure success. Thanks to the numerous stimulating motifs and the individual design options, our fire baskets belong in every garden.

With the Steeldream fire basket , we bring a fire basket as individual as you and your imagination to your home. Because each fire basket is handmade and unique and, in addition to our five unique templates, can also be made according to your own wishes. You can have special decorations, including the family coat of arms, engraved into the fire basket and be sure to receive the astonished looks of your guests.

Fire basket lasered

We are glad to help you

Whether you are interested in a table fireplace, a table torch or a fire basket, our team will be happy to help you. We can be reached by phone or email and will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to your new fireplace. Just come to us.

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